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How much technical skill is required to set up and use the service?

Ans:   You don’t have to be a tech specialist to switch your business phone to VoIP — in fact, you really don’t need any technical experience at all. Your new IP phones arrive ready to make and receive calls, creating a true “plug and play” solution right out of the box.

Can I have a professionally recorded business phone greeting?

Ans:   Yes, we even will record your voicemail greeting, on hold script and auto attendant greeting.

Can I forward calls to my mobile device?

Ans:   Yes, our service will allow you to forward calls to your mobile device or any other phone number or extension within your company. This is a great feature so if you are stepping out for lunch but don’t want to miss that important call, simply forward your calls to your mobile phone and you are ready to take the calls. Forward is extremely simple and can be handled from the phone itself.

How many simultaneous calls can your service support?

Ans:   We provide unlimited inbound calling. Most phones can handle 4 lines per phone. So if you have 5 users in your company, you can handle 25 simultaneous calls. If you have 10 users, you can handle 40 calls at the same time. With our system, your customers will never hear a busy signal.

Are there any contracts to sign or long-term commitments?

Ans:   There are no contracts or penalties. You can cancel at any time, without any reason.

Can I transfer my number to your service from another provider?

Ans:   Yes, you can transfer over from any providers. It takes about 3 weeks for number to be transferred but meanwhile we assign you a temporary number for you to use our services.

Does my Computer Have to be turned on?

Ans:   If you are making calls from your PC, yes, of course. However, if you are making calls with a phone and adaptor or a special VOIP phone only your internet connection needs to be active; usually through your router.

Can I Take My Phone Adapter with me When I Travel?

Ans:   If you have bought our telephone adapter or telephone, you will be able to use it wherever you travel, as long as you have a high speed Internet connection. Your number will follow you wherever you go!

If you have our softphone installed on your laptop you can use that anywhere you have an internet connection too – even in a WiFi HotSpot!

Can I use my Computer While I talk on the Phone?

Ans:   Yes

Who Can Call Me?

Ans:   Anyone and everyone can call you either from another VoIP user or any ordinary or mobile telephone anywhere. They simply dial your number and your phone will ring just like any other phone.

What Kind of Equipment Do I Need?

Ans:   There are lots of ways to connect but the three most common ways of using our services are:
1) By using your PC and our free software which turns it into a fully featured telephone. This method requires a broadband internet connection (via Ethernet or WiFi) and a reasonably modern PC or laptop with either a microphone and loud speakers or a headset.

2) With your ordinary telephone. You use an adapter that we provide which plugs into your Internet router. One slot of the adapter plugs into your Local Area Network connection via Ethernet cable and the other into your existing telephone.

3) With a VOIP phone. A number new VoIP (or SIP) phones are now available which plug into your router (Local Area Network) and give you the advantage of many new built in features.

Who Can I call with your service?

Ans:   You can call anyone with a normal landline or mobile phone anywhere in the world. Calls within USA and to Canada are FREE. For other International calls, there is an extra charge.

What are Right On Voice’s services and features?

Ans:   Please click here to view all of our features.